The Food & Drinks

In addition to holding title to Joplin's only Independent Movie Theater, we're also proud to present a full bar and wide range of delicious foods  that can be carried into the theater or enjoyed in the pub. We discourage interrupting a film for the sake of refreshments, so we ensure we're available to get these things for you with plenty of lead time before a picture is scheduled to begin.

We have decades of personal experience with a vegan diet and we have family history of gluten and corn allergies. Our kitchen staff is experienced and serve-safe certified and happy to accomodate food sensitivities. As everything we present is made to order and nothing ever has to thaw in house, we can work with your needs creatively. Please feel comfortable asking any questions you have.

If you procure an alcoholic beverage, please ensure that you keep good track of your drink throughout your visit.

Smoking & Vaping

We are huge advocates of vaping; however, it can interfere with a meal and it definitely interferes with projection. For this reason, we’re asking that smoking and vaping be done outdoors.

Featured Artist

We are lucky to have quite a number of unique artists of skill in the Joplin area. It is a pleasure to have space available for them to display their pieces throughout the building. We prefer to cycle artists through the pub every six weeks or so to provide ample opportunity for others to get their work in.  Bookhouse Cinema isn't interested in taking fees for the transfer of art, but we will be glad ot help artists connect with the community just through exhibiting or facilitating a sale.

The Neighborhood

We are on Langston Hughes Broadway & Historic Route 66 in Joplin, MO.  Our little parcel of land is in the Joplin City section of town that preceeded the Joplin we have today. Currently, Easttown is undergoing a historical preservation survey that is slated to last for the next couple of years.  This will help residents keep control of their properties and will help signify important places and events in history. Additionally, it is an effort to gather information about the history of both early Joplin and also the transformations the area has undergone as experienced by people living today. Easttown, where you can find us, has a very powerful history and today it is so full of life. Consequently, Easttown enfolds so much wisdom and courage and we are incredibly lucky and proud to be here.  We encourage our patrons to learn something new about Easttown between their visits to our Cinema and to explore the other businesses along this stretch of road.


Our Story


Since about October 25th of 2017, we have been working from scratch to cobble together our vision of a Cinema and Pub. We have done a lot of work and relied on a lot of fantastic people to meet industry, city, county, and state requirements for this kind of business. As I write this, I am positively looking forward to refocusing on the ongoing development of our programs, food, drinks, and screenings.

We currently have plans for developing events involving books, filmmakers, and courses for the kids. Our goals right now include solidifying those items as well as getting the patio viable before summer ends. Over time, we’re going to make announcements here and on facebook and instagram about any changes or additions we make.

We are enthusastic to have hosted the first round of meetings on this year's historical preservation grant awarded to the East Town neighborhood and we look forward to playing whatever role we are needed for. The team responsible for the survey have reported a greater turnout and more community engagement at the East Town meetings than in any of their previous surveys. Our property, as well as much of the north side of Broadway, has been included in the recommendations for the Historic Register. The next round of surveys will cover the south side of Broadway. The entire north side of Broadway has been recommended to be considered a Historic District.

We have enjoyed tons of collaborations with local artists and filmmakers, Spiva Center for the Arts, Ozark’s Public Television, The Harrison and June Kash International Film Festival, Renewed Mental Health, The City of Joplin, Joplin Branch NAACP, East Town Dream’s District, Empire Market, Downtown Joplin Alliance, Various MSSU Clubs and organizations, One Joplin, Paranormal Science Lab, Joplin Board Games Meetup, Joplin Chamber of Commerce, Small Town Initiative, RKO Floor Show, and so many others.