Treasure Poster.jpg

Our Local Geocachers have secured rights to a free screening of Treasure (Geocaching Movie). This Sunday (2/17) at 3:00 PM. Looks to be easy fun for the family. Check out their Website HERE. It has some pretty strong support.

Treasure is a coming-of-age story about Erica. Still reeling from losing her mother to cancer, she is aloof and distant from her father. One night, Erica attends a party and goes too far with the drinking. She runs her car off the road and is taken to the hospital. Since this is her first offense she avoids jail time by doing community service. Ramona, her case worker, sets her up to fulfill her obligation at a soup kitchen run by Angela. Erica hates working there, feeling that she is being unfairly punished. But a new friendship based on a love for geocaching and the realization that the patrons of the soup kitchen are much worse off than she has ever been leads Erica to question her old attitudes towards the meaning of life.