Paranormal Science Lab and Bookhouse Cinema Present... The Hitch-Hiker

This is a REALLY EXCITING collaboration for us.  Paranormal Science Lab and Bookhouse Cinema present Ghosts of Old Joplin: Murder, Mayhem and a Movie, The Hitchhiker (based on Billy Cook's murder spree). Hear the ghost tales of Old Joplin as well as the real events behind the Noir Suspense Classic "The Hitchhiker", which is based on Joplin native Billy Cook's shocking killing spree that spanned the country from Missouri to California and ended in Mexico, then enjoy the movie, all at the Bookhouse Cinema. 

$10 per person. Call PSL for information at 417-622-8997.

Remember, only half of our tickets go up online, so you might check the box office or call at 417-825-5161 to check when the web is sold out.

Tickets are HERE.

View the trailer HERE.

Man, I love the tension in the oldies.  Loved this as a kid.

the hitchhiker poster.jpg