Easy Rider (1969)

The MSSU Harrison and June Kash International Film Society

and Bookhouse Cinema, Joplin, present

On the Road

A series of internationally acclaimed films about epic journeys

Tuesday, February 12 at 7 PM

Directed by Dennis Hopper)

 At the height of the turbulent Sixties, Easy Rider exploded across American screens with its story of two bikers, played by Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda, on a drug run that propels them across the country. Along the way they meet up with a charismatic character played by Jack Nicholson in one of his first sensational roles. The film captivated a wide audience with its mixture of sex, drugs, rock and roll – and motorcycles, and Time magazine called it “one of the ten most important pictures of the decade.” Introduction by Dr. Steve Wagner

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