Two Robinson Crusoe Films: Robinson Crusoe (1997, 105 min.) and Man Friday (1975, 115 min.).

The MSSU Harrison and June Kash International Film Society

and Bookhouse Cinema, Joplin, present

On the Road

A series of internationally acclaimed films about epic journeys

Tuesday, March 5th.

Robinson Crusoe 4 PM Man Friday 7 PM

Few fictional travelers are as legendary as Robinson Crusoe, a shipwrecked fugitive who must survive for years on an island, with the help of only his own ingenuity and his “man,” Friday. This double feature will begin with a recent adaptation of Defoe’s novel starring Pierce Brosnan, and continue with a more innovative spin on the Crusoe tale, Man Friday, starring Peter O’ Toole and Richard Roundtree. These films are being featured as part of the Missouri Southern “Robinson Crusoe Week,” sponsored by the Literature Lives program of MSSU’s Department of English and Philosophy.

Robinson Crusoe 1997 Poster.jpg
Man Friday 1975 Poster.jpg